It's National Cat Day!

Is it just me, or is there a national day for everything? Well this is one I like: National Cat Day, a celebration of our feline friends. I'm definitely a cat lover, and have been fortunate enough to rescue some amazing cats who became the best pets. My cat Samson walked up as a starving, mewing kitten, just barely weaned. He was stand-offish at first, but now loves to have his head scratched and be held. He is a rascal though, and usually gets himself in trouble. :)

Here is my cat Samson, lounging in the grass, enjoying some sun in the backyard with me. 

So take some time today to spend with your cat. Of course if we asked any cat, they would say everyday is National Cat Day. :)

Some of my cat drawings and portraits:

Art Prints


The End of My Hiatus

After a long break from pursuing my art, I've decided it's time to get back on track, and I'm excited about it. Personal circumstances led me to take a long break, nearly two years, from promoting my art, taking commissions, and even drawing. My poor website sat neglected, as did this blog. My drawing table gathered dust.

Now it's time for a fresh start!

I just launched my newly redesigned website, loaded with some brand new drawings. The design is cleaner, and the navigation is streamlined. Prints of my fine art and photography can now be purchased right on my website. The image galleries feature higher quality images of my work, and smother transitions between images.

I am now on Twitter and Instagram! I will be posting new works, works in progress, and some interesting tips. I'd be thrilled if you would drop me a comment or follow me! My user name for both is: @NHamiltonArt Check out my recent tweets in the widget to the right. ;)

I'll be posting some new works on my blog shortly, but you can already see them on my website and in my Fine Art America gallery. 

I really like this quote: 
The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
It reminded me it is time to do some dusting. :) Heading back to my drawing desk . . . .



New Work Posted

Be the first to get a look at my new drawing titled "Eye Catching!"

The original work is size 9x12 and I drew it with graphite pencils ranging from 2H to 8B. It is drawn on my favorite paper: Strathmore Bristol 300 series in a smooth finish.

I drew the butterfly from a picture I took in a butterfly house. Known as a Tree Nymph or Rice Paper butterfly, this species has beautiful black and white wings, and black and white striped body. It's lack of color seemed perfect for a graphite drawing!

I drew the cat from a photo of one of my pets from a few years ago. The roses I sketched and created from memory.

Thanks for looking . . . Hope you enjoy seeing it!

Art Prints


My Art Contest 2012 "Portraits Art Contest "

My Art runs contests throughout the year. I entered one of their portrait contests way back in 2008, and I decided to enter again this year. Deadline for entering is March 31st and they announce the winners April 15th. (For winners in the US that will make tax day a bit easier to take!) The three main prize winners receive cash and a 2 page spread in the Artist Portfolio Magazine. 20 other artists who receive "Honorable Mention" will receive a one page spread in the magazine. Entry fee is $35.00 for two works.

All entrants have their work featured online. Here you can see my entries from the 2008 contest. I entered two of my celebrity portraits, Nicole Kidman and Elizabeth Taylor.

This year I chose a couple different works for my entries: Portrait of a Sailor and A Moment for the Bride. You can see those two works below, and click to view them in high-res.

Photography Prints

Art Prints


Featured: Studio 602

I was privileged to be featured as the "Pencil Artist of the Week" this week on Studio 602. Studio 602 is the online magazine/blog for If you haven't read it, I encourage you to check it out. They have some wonderful articles, art tips and have featured many talented artists.

Thanks to
Alexander Poirier who was kind enough to choose me and write the article!


Print Sale

I'm thrilled to have sold a print of my original work "Peacock Fashion Inspiration!"

Prints of my work are available through Fine Art America. They have hundreds of framing and matting options to choose from!

The picture below illustrates the frame and matte chosen for the purchased print.

View the sale page here.