My Art Contest 2012 "Portraits Art Contest "

My Art runs contests throughout the year. I entered one of their portrait contests way back in 2008, and I decided to enter again this year. Deadline for entering is March 31st and they announce the winners April 15th. (For winners in the US that will make tax day a bit easier to take!) The three main prize winners receive cash and a 2 page spread in the Artist Portfolio Magazine. 20 other artists who receive "Honorable Mention" will receive a one page spread in the magazine. Entry fee is $35.00 for two works.

All entrants have their work featured online. Here you can see my entries from the 2008 contest. I entered two of my celebrity portraits, Nicole Kidman and Elizabeth Taylor.

This year I chose a couple different works for my entries: Portrait of a Sailor and A Moment for the Bride. You can see those two works below, and click to view them in high-res.

Photography Prints

Art Prints

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